October 20, 2014


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October 8, 2014


There are a few important firsts in a girls life. First love, first Chanel, first heartbreak.. First lingerie. It is an event so monumental, that effects you physically, emotionally and most definitely financially. And Alice Kass lingerie website will help you find "the one" that will sweep you off your feet. So here you have it ladies and (from what analytics tells me) a few gentlemen, some shots from the photoshoot ! Kisses !  

September 28, 2014


Photos by Ver Sepasi
A wall for all art lovers. There is almost more color-popping eye-candy on these exterior walls than there is on the  interior ones. Fresh to death graffiti. My absolute fav.. Ghetto, moi ?

September 22, 2014


Photos by Ver Sepasi 
For Love And Lemons dress, Michael Kors booties and Chanel boy bag.

It's white. It's lace. It's backless. And it's super, duper short.
Give it up for the dreamiest little white dress that ever came to be.

September 18, 2014


Photos by Ver Sepasi 
Lush Clothing trench coat, Six Crisp Days black tee, One TeaSpoon jean shorts, Michael Kors boots, Chanel boy bag. 

Uniform du jour: camel trench and relaxed denimthough in truth these snaps were shoot a few days ago. Different day, same-ish outfit. Simple as per d'habitude. 

September 15, 2014


Photos by Ver Sepasi
Six Crisp Days black tee, One Teaspoon jean shorts, Michael Kors boots. 

As you can probably tell from this outfit that I have refused to admit that fall is looming. Until it's officially upon us, my sartorial formula will strictly consist of a large dollops of comfort.. and as little layers as the end of summer temperatures will allow. Effortlessness at it's most sincere, and incidentally, my favourite kind of getup.